Changes to the iSchool website

On 4/8/2014 we upgraded some of the features of the iSchool websites. This is part of an initiative to improve the online presence of the site and get the data-driven pages to be responsive on different browsers and devices. Summary of changes: Course Schedule page supports caching and data as a service. Design was simplified to two pages  course list and details. The My Classes page was redesigned to simplify user actions for uploading / managing a syllabus. Instructors can … Continue reading

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Panopto updated to 4.4

In preparation to move Panopto to new hardware, we needed to get the current panopto servers updated.  As of 7/16/13, out Panopto servers have been updated to v4.4.  Below is the complete change log.  However, I will point out one very important one. Fixed a rare issue where encoding quality degraded video quality in audio + screen capture recordings Complete Change Log: Headline Features New iPad app. The native iPad app will also be available for iPhone users as well, automatically adapting … Continue reading

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Panopto has been upgraded to 4.3

We have just finished upgrading the Panopto Server to v4.3 – Below is the full change log.  You will need to update the Recorder due to several critical fixes.  If you have an AD Domain bound computer and Panopto is manged by us, it will update automatically for you.  Other wise you will be prompted to update on your next launch of the Panopto Recorder. Click here for Panopto’s Blog Post which contains more information and demonstrations of new features. … Continue reading

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So I heard about this new web service called on the Elvis Duran show this morning and it sounded too good to be true.  Well it’s not, because it is true. is a free service which will take all the email subscriptions, announcements, deals, newsletters, etc. and allow you to either unsubscribe from them or create a daily digest if you actually do look at some of them.  Either way it will clean up your inbox and gives … Continue reading

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Microsoft Lync is Here

What is Lync? Microsoft’s Lync is a communication and collaboration tool that offers: Instant messaging Group messaging Audio and video conferencing (mic and webcam required) Shared whiteboard sessions Exchange integration.  Allows you to check users availability. Integration with the global address list of Exchange.  Allows you to see user’s name and contact information. Lync may be used to collaborate with anyone who has an SU Exchange account (it does not work with SUmail accounts).  Lync will work with student employees … Continue reading

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Verizon Samsung Galaxy S3 – Battery Life Degraded after OTA Update to 4.1.1

First off, I absolutely love my Galaxy S3. This phone is lightning fast and very reliable, at least it was before I upgraded to Android 4.1.1 via Verizon’s OTA update back in December.  Ever since that update my battery life seems to have been getting worse and worse by the day.  It would barely get me through the work day anymore.  So I decided to do a bit of research.  I found many users complaining about the same issues since the update on various … Continue reading

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Bug Alert: Panopto Mac Recorder

We have just been made aware of the following issue. Application: Panopto Mac Recorder Problem: Uploading long recordings from the Panopto Mac recorder might hang and not properly resume. Frequency of this bug: Intermittent Who’s affected? Anyone running any version of the Panopto Mac recorder in version 4.2.x or 4.1.x. How do I get this update? This issue is resolved in the updated installer package for any version of 4.2.x.  The Panopto Mac Recorder will be automatically upgraded next time … Continue reading

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iSchool’s Remote Lab is a Hit With Students!

Well, it has been about a year since we launched #RemoteLab in Beta, and it has been quite popular with iSchool students.  If you are still unfamiliar with #RemoteLab, you can find more information here: .  We’ve had much positive feedback on it’s ease of use, reliability, and performance.  Because of this we have decided to expand #RemoteLab’s capabilities once again. We started this semester with about ten #RemoteLab hosts. About a month into the semester we hit max capacity. … Continue reading

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Panopto Server Update 4.2.4739

Just finished updating our Panopto server – New Features and fixes listed below.  There is no need to update your client recorders at this time. Exact server version number is 4.2.4739 Panopto Focus Recorder (Mac) Fixed intermittent bug where long recording wouldn’t fully upload Added additional logging Panopto Library (Web Interface) Fixed an issue where clicking on a public SCORM session URL prompted for a username/password Added a folder management page that allows copying and reprocessing/re-encoding of all sessions within a … Continue reading

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iSchool IT & Facilities New(s) for Fall 2012

How do I get technology support? a.      Start here, you may find the answer to the most common requests at b.      After that, the absolute best method is to submit a request to our Help Desk. The advantages are numerous; #1 your request doesn’t sit in an individual’s inbox, multiple IT Services personnel are made aware of the incoming request, we can assign it to the most qualified and/or the most available person, you have a record of the … Continue reading

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